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Two Ronnies after a squash match score 9/1 9/0 9/0 - great post match banter

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Olympic Squash
Squash has been included on the shortlist of sports for the 2016 Olympic Games. click HERE for report.

Typical Coaching Activities
Individual or Group sessions include

  • Initial Assessment
  • Understanding the rules
  • Movement and footwork
  • Techniques of hitting the ball
  • Individual Shot Practices
    and Pressure Sessions
  • Develop good timing
  • Match Play - tactics and strategy
  • Fitness and training
  • Psychology
  • Development Plans
Want to Improve your Squash or Racketball Skills?

Ask your playing friends if they know of any good coaches. They may have been taking regular or occasional lessons and have some names to share with you.

Get names and contact information for local pros from the England Squash website. If you can't find the pros listed there for your area, look at the listing for courts or clubs and then contact them to ask about their resident coaches.

Play tournaments and see whether any of the top players are teaching pros. They may not want to talk to you during competition, but they would probably be glad to talk between matches. If they aren't teaching pros themselves, they may be able to refer you to some good local coaches.

Attend squash/racketball camps or clinics. These intensive sessions, usually held over a few days, can help you quickly improve your game, and the professional staff will usually have multiple coaches on staff to provide a good teacher/student ratio. That way, you can meet several coaches at one time, as well as a group of fellow students who may have coaches to recommend.

Take a single lesson. When you do find some prospective coaches, you might begin by taking a single lesson from each of them, and evaluating which one seemed most enjoyable.

Take a series of lessons. The final evaluation of whether a coach is right for you can only come after you take a series of lessons from one coach, and then look at the improvements in your game over time. It is rare to be able to make significant changes in only one lesson, so be patient before you ask yourself whether your coach is helping your game.

You should be following your coach's instructions between lessons, as well, so that you consolidate what you learn during your lessons. If you're playing better after three months, congratulations to you, your coach, and your partnership!

John White confirmed his credentials as the game's hardest-hitter in 2005 when a ball struck by his racket was clocked at 172 mph - a world record which has yet to be surpassed! (The attempt was made following revelations that Andy Roddick had established a record of 150mph in tennis!).
(Radar Gun Top Speeds 2008: Willstrop 127mph, Beachill 122, Pilley 120, Walker 108)

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