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Racketball Rackets For Sale
Know what you want? I can supply most rackets at great prices. I coach in Herts and Middx clubs, so it shouldn't be too hard to meet you or post the racket to you.

Ektelon o3 Black Racketball Racket

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How to play Racketball - watch this England Squash & Racketball Video

Racketball is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. It is easy to play, great exercise and lots of fun. Racketball is perfect for people looking to play a fun and competitive sport or just keep fit!

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If you would like to try the game with coach Derek, email DerekJThorpe@hotmail.com or call 07887 560601 for information.

Racketball Information

Finding a good racquetball coach is your key to better, smarter play.
A good coach can:

> help you learn the essentials of racquetball more quickly than you would otherwise,
> keep you from establishing bad habits, and
> provide some motivation when your progress seems to slow down.

Where to play Racketball?
Racketball Clubs in Hertfordshire, Beds, Bucks, Cambs, Essex and Suffolk

If you know any more clubs please send an email to DerekJThorpe@hotmail.com

1) Berkhamsted Tennis & Squash Club  email James

2) Bishop's Stortford
3) Radlett Tennis & Squash Club          email Derek

4) Gosling, Welwyn Garden City
) Broxbourne
6) Haileybury in Hertford
7) Chantry Squash and Racquetball Club, Bishop's Stortford


Southgate squash club

Oakleigh Park located in Whetstone, North London

Biggleswade Squash and Rugby Club

Beaconsfield Squash Club
Bucks Squash and Racketball Club High Wycombe

Cambridgeshire & Hunts
Cambridge Squash Club
St. Neots Rackets Club

Basildon : David Lloyd Club email Chris
Basildon : Club Kingswood
email Dave
Harlow :
email Paul
Harwich :
email Mark
Ilford : Redbridge Sport Centre
email Matt

Debenham : Debenham Squash Club email Dennis

Wikipedia History of Racketball - United Kingdom

In 1976, Ian D.W. Wright created the sport of racketball based on U.S. racquetball. (British racketball is played in a 32-ft. long by 21-ft. wide squash court (eight feet shorter and one foot wider than the U.S. racquetball court), using a smaller, less dynamic ball than the American racquetball. In this sport, the ceiling is out of playing bounds. The racketball is served after a bounce on the floor then struck into play with the racket. Scoring is like squash, but with point-a-rally scoring of up to 15 points.) The British Racquetball Association was formed on 13 February 1984, and confirmed by the English Sports Council as the sport's governing body on 30 October 1984. The first National Racketball Championship was held in London on 1 December 1984. The sport is now played in countries where squash is played, Australia, Bermuda, France, Germany, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, and Sweden. Currently, racketball also is played in parts of North America, and on 1 September 1988, the British Racketball Association merged with the English Squash Rackets Association.

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