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Squash Rackets For Sale
Know what you want? I can supply most rackets at great prices. I coach in Herts and Middx clubs, so it shouldn't be too hard to meet you or post the racket to you. Ask for a quote by email

Tecnifibre Carboflex Basaltex 130 Squash Racket

Tecnifibre Carboflex Basaltex 130 Squash Racket for saleBest selling squash racket

*** BARGAIN ***

70 + 4 (2-3day delivery)


Mobile 07887 560601
email Coach@squash-coach.co.uk


Not sure which racket will suit you? Come for a lesson and try one. All prices available from 25 to 120+. But I recommend that you spend at least 50, otherwise you may end up with an overweight monster. Rackets can last for a long while. Invest well and enjoy the sport.

Dunlop, Head, Karakal, Prince, Tecnifibre and Wilson are a few of the brands available.

Racket Weight
Most good rackets are around 120-145 gms. Head make light rackets from 110gms+. They are nice rackets but sometimes break easier than others. Anything 150gms and over is probably a little heavy for most. However the weight is only a factor. It is actually the balance that counts. A light racket can be head-heavy and be a little unwieldy. I personally like a slightly heavy racket, so that I am forced to play a good swing and not jab at the ball. I don't want to injure my wrist, nor hit the ball down and lose the point.

Squash Bags
I have a range of squash bags of all brands.
Prices from 20 - 35 each; small - medium - large.

Prince Squash Rackets For Sale
Experienced players usually stay with their popular branded rackets. But when you want the best racket on the market, try PRINCE for control, power and touch. Whether you are trying squash for the first time, play infrequently, or a top class player...

To play or purchase any of the above contact:
email Derek@squash-coach.co.uk tel. 07887-560601

Prince Rackets

  • Prince EXO3 Rebel Squash Racket
  • Prince O3 Black
    Prince O3 Tour
  • Prince O3 Silver

I use Prince Rackets. I still like the 03 Silver but the best racket I have tried in 2015 must be the Prince EX03 Rebel. It is slightly head heavy and gives much more power. It feels velvet smooth and well balanced. Good value at 120. For strings I now prefer Ashaway Supernick. I also like Tecnifibre "green strings". Tecnifibre give more power but I want better touch that Ashaway seems to offer.

Peter Nicol says:

"O3 Speedport Black A larger sweetspot than conventional rackets providing more power at the times when you most need it, used by Nicol David, World no.1 for 50 consecutive months!".

Dunlop Adult Starter Squash Rackets 20
Brand new and ready for you to get going. It is solid and very durable.

Prince Rackets
To purchase any of the above call or email Derek