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How to Beat a Super-Fit Player
I seem to have trouble beating players that rely on retrieving, and I don't think it's because I am not fit enough, I just make too many mistakes trying to win the rally. Any advice?

Read Tim Garner's advice.


It's always a challenge when you play opponents that are mobile and can seemingly get every shot back. However, this is when you can really use your 'squash brain' to good affect. Make sure you mean every shot and put the ball into the corners. Not necessarily trying to win the point with that first shot but actually using it to work your opponent out of position, before dealing the killer blow.

What this will do apart from making it easier to hit that winner is also to work your opponent hard. There are many occasions when the fitter player tires because they have had to cover so much more of the court. The key therefore is to make sure you don't fall into the trap of just hitting and hoping, mean it!

Derek says: Make them show you they are fitter. Run them around.