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What Made David Palmer The Player He Was
Hard Work and Attention to Detail

After explaining a few different pressure feed scenarios, David went on to talk about how this would lead to the "killer" sessions he would do with Sean Moxom. They would all be about making it harder on yourself the better you performed. The exercise David described was all about covering both the middle of the court, looking for the volley something he was very known for. From this position he would have to hit deep and then go back and boast the ball back to Sean at the front and the rally would continue.

If Sean hit the ball short, David would have to lob crosscourt, then go back and boast the rally would then continue as normal. So the better the volley or lob, the harder David would have to work physically his goal was always to make it as hard on himself as he could, therefore playing the best possible shots in every position. This routine done well would be both mentally and physically challenging but add the fact that David would do this for ten minutes straight and then 5 times through just like a brutal 5 set match and you understand why he called it a killer session.

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Derek Thorpe says "Top players make playing squash look easy. This is only because they practice, practice good style, tactics and habits, then do it again until they get it right".