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Weak backhand? Take a look at Peter's Tips...

Backhand Technique
from Peter Nicol

The backhand swing is a more natural process than the forehand. However, that certainly does not mean it's easier to execute with most players struggling to find the power and control they want on this side.

The reason I feel the backhand swing is more natural lies in the fact that when you take the racquet into the backswing, you naturally turn the shoulders and rotate the hips. This gets you into a great position without too much thought. Obviously there can be several areas within this backswing that can cause issues but in general, you are naturally in a better striking position that the forehand just by taking the racquet back.

One of the biggest issues for me on the backhand swing for me is the racquet arm being too close to body when you prepare the backswing. You need to have some space to get the swing coming through to impact in the right direction. If the backswing is too tight to the body there is a tendency to swing around the impact point rather than through, causing an inconsistent shot.

Another common fault on the backhand side is that most players get too close to the ball on impact. This lessons the power of the shot and makes for a much harder physical effort getting into position every time. Having the arm at a locked out position on impact really helps with power and control, also allowing you to move less and retain more energy for times you will undoubtedly need to work physically harder.

I hope you enjoy the week on the basic backhand swing, last week really helped me focus on what I was trying to teach and accomplish with the basic forehand swing and I feel mine has improved as a result even after all these years!

With thanks to Squash Skills