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Attack from the Back
Having the ability to attack from anywhere on the court
is essential to becoming a complete squash player
We’re not advocating going short all the time from the back of the court but we are suggesting that you develop attacking options to throw in from time to time to keep your opponent guessing. 
As ever, a key point here is preparation and having the ability to hit a number of different shots from the same swing. You don’t want your opponent to know what shot is coming just by looking at your preparation.

Getting your racket head above the ball, creating space and hitting the ball with an open racket face are just some of the key technical points to focus on when attacking from the back of the court.

Tip of the Week: Use the sidewall for protection on your drop shots!

Hitting a long drop off the back wall that catches your opponent completely off guard is one of the most satisfying shots you can play in squash.

However, it doesn’t always have to be an outright winner. You can use the drop shot as a way to drag your opponent up near the front of court and then look to get onto the volley and attack the open space at the back of court.
To do this, you need to leave the ball short enough so that you can create space to look for the volley as well as getting the ball in tight to the side wall so that you narrow down your opponents options so don’t have to cover the whole court on your follow up shot. 
Focus on getting the ball bouncing on the floor before it hits the sidewall rather than going for the nick. It’s gives you more margin for error and allows you to close the court down on your next shot…
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