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Solo Squash Practice - Drill 1
Groove your swing

The purpose of this drill is to “groove your swing.” To do this, you need to go through an established routine that will put your arms and legs through their paces and mimic actual situations in a match. The steps in this drill apply to either side of the court, which is helpful since you generally spend half of the warm-up period on each side. It should be noted that this drill is best done by yourself so that your opponent doesn’t feel left out.

Begin by standing near the back of the service box. Hit easy/slow rails to yourself, and concentrate on being able to hit the next shot on one bounce without allowing the ball to go through to the back wall. Gradually work your way forward until you are hitting straight drops. After reaching the frontcourt, start working your way backward until you reach the backcourt. Once you have mastered this routine, work on repeating the drill but volley each ball. Both versions of this drill will help you develop excellent control and concentration as well as just getting loosened up. The bottom line is you want to feel as though you are “ready” to play.

While this “drill,” which is more like a routine, is designed to help you prepare for matches, each phase of it can be used for the purpose of working on your stroke. As with all drills, going through motions that are typical of match play (i.e., rails, dropshots, lobs) will help make these shots automatic. To increase the intensity and emphasize reflexes, simply pick up the pace and hit shots that will force you to prepare for the next ball quickly. The goal is to work your way all the way to the front and to the back without missing a single ball.

Derek Thorpe