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from Peter Nicol

Volleying - World Champions all do it

The more you can step up the court and look for the volley the more pressure you can put your opponent under. If you watch Thierry Lincou or Nick Matthew or David Palmer they all have the ability to take charge of the middle of the court. The ball often doesn’t get to the back corner before they have cut it off and intercepted it. If you can push up the court and keep your opponent behind you then you’re going to be in a good place!

With thanks to Peter Nicol

How Can I Implement This Tactic?

1) Hit a good length
2) Move forward to the tee
3) Watch your opponent and be ready to go forward
4) Many opportunities will come from their cross-court shots

Can't volley?
> Just try it
> Hit up to the back first, then short when you get the idea
> Watch players who can
> Get a coach
> Ask a friend to show you

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