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Tactical Advantage

I am often asked how to dig balls out of the back corners or how to get opponents winning volleys. Yes you must learn these but let's think about how you got into that position. Here is an great article by Tim Garner.


I have an opponent who cuts me up on the volley and if wasn't for that I would be in the game. Do you have any advice?

The general rule if your opponent is playing winning shots or shots that are troubling you is to look at where he is playing them from and don't put the ball there. Basically tighten up your game so there are no easy volley opportunities there. Probably you should straighten up and either hit lower and harder under his volley reach area, or higher and over that area. The easiest place to volley is shoulder height so this is the area to avoid! There are other areas to look at as well, such as perhaps you are too readable and should vary your game more. It is also important to try and volley yourself of course! If you can get in first and control the 'T' they will face a similar dilemma!