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Need some help with your swing? Looking for some tips to help you get one over your mates on court?

Improve Your Swing? No! Correct your stance


How to address the ball

I see so many squash players hitting ground strokes in a face on position & being forced to improvise their swings to hit the ball.

Take a moment to rediscover your natural swing by doing two exercises:
Go to the beach & skim some pebbles. That's your forehand.
Go to the park & throw a frisbee. That's your backhand.

You'll perform both skills in a semi sideways on position & you'll release just where your contact point should be. Now get back on the court to practice your ground strokes. Move your feet to get into those strong positions. Address the ball by looking over your front shoulder in a semi sideways on stance with your racket prepared. This will unlock the natural swings of your body.

With thanks to Martin Weston