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Summer Training

Take a fresh approach to Summer Training. A lot of players keep going throughout the year and summer is no exception but some of the pressure is off. Clearly you will want to be match fit at the start of the new season. If you are serious take 3 months to prepare for the new season fitness - speed and matchplay. In the meantime experiment is Tim Garner's advice.


"Other than the obvious - improving fitness and racket work - you could concentrate on improving game playing and tactical abilities over the summer. Start to experiment with different types of games you don't normally play. Try more attacking/defensive, mostly straight, volley more, mostly crosscourt, hit high and soft, etc. Don't worry about the results and instead use the summer to practise your different game plans under no pressure to win. You should see some unexpected results and different types of games that work really well, you can then start to integrate into your normal game as the season comes around. The one quality you'll have to adopt (if lacking) is patience and understanding as while you are practising these different game plans, you may lose a lot more than normal.
Keep your eyes on the goal, to improve your game come season time!!!"