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Need some help with your swing? Looking for some tips to help you get one over your mates on court?

The season has started and I'm hitting the ball well and training hard but I'm poor in matches, what can I do to improve this quickly as feel my confidence slipping?


Start of Season

Answer: This is a common problem for all squash players, converting good practise, hitting and training into form and results on court. Winning matches is always a good starting point so try and arrange a few games against opponents you can beat to raise your confidence and give you that feeling of control on court, allowing all the good work you've been doing to shine through.

From here, it's a case of tinkering with your practise/training depending on results, don't be afraid to change what you're doing if the standard of your game does not improve we've all made mistakes with our training programmes and practise focus. As with the actual playing of the game, you have to be adaptable. Good luck!

With thanks to Tim Garner