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Need some help with your swing? Looking for some tips to help you get one over your mates on court?

How often and what should I do during solo practise?


Beginners & Intermediate Players - 15 mins

Rather than "belting the ball as hard as you can", try to keep the ball going and establish a rhythm. Face the sidewall and hit the ball slowly and high enough to be able to keep hitting the ball. You want consistency, not raw power. That will come once you master rallying. I set targets. Either aim to land in the service box a fixed number of times, or try to keep the ball going for at least 10 consecutive hits.

When you have mastered this, which may take a few weeks/days, try volleying down the sidewall with the same targets.

When you get tired, practice serving and if you are keen, try to return your service.

from Coach Derek

Experienced Players - 30 mins

Realistically, getting a single 30-minute solo practise a week might be difficult but possibly manageable before the season and matches get into full swing. If this is possible, first always start with the basics driving from the back, volleys, drops, volley drops always keeping alert and moving your feet. Try to make it as close to playing as possible moving in and out of shots and play the right shot in relation to your position on court. After going through this basic routine, focus then on a couple of areas that need the most improvement and try to troubleshoot why you're having problems being too close to the ball is a VERY common issue! Good luck

With thanks to Tim Garner