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How to choose your serve in Squash:
 Targets and Tactics



Watch thisYouTube VIDEO

Many players of squash do not use their serve as effectively as they could. In this video you will be shown techniques for evaluating your opponent to deliver the best possible serve.


Primary target: spot on the side wall which you will aim to hit with your serve
Secondary target: spot on the front wall which ricochet to hit your primary target

The High Box: On the side wall, across from the returner
The Low Box: Near to the floor on the side wall, behind the service box
The Body: At the returner
The Jammer: High or low on the side wall before the front line of the service box
The Back Wall: Over the returner, hitting the back wall directly

In choosing a serve use these steps

1. Check your opponents position
2. Choose your primary target
3. Set up your serve
4. Visualize your secondary target
5. Execute your serve

If the returner has good returning position (at the corner of the service box) use the high box serve
If the returner is a sagger - hanging toward the back and/or middle of the court - use the low box serve
If the returner is a drifter - beginning as a sagger but moves toward the side wall as the serve is delivered - use either a body serve or a jammer serve
If the returner is a mooner - facing the side wall - use a body serve
If the returner is a clinger - setting up close to the side wall - like the drifters can be attacked with either a body serve or a jammer serve
If the returner is a crowder - moving toward the front of the court as the serve is being delivered - use a lob serve that passes over the head of your opponent and hits the back wall

With thanks to James Siewert