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Learn how to rest

New and keen players talk about training; what, when, where and with whom...and we are all  encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet. Part of a training regime is planning for that big event, we want to win. Plan ahead.

It can take up to 10 years to reach peak performance but that's too long for most to think about. Plan the coming season/year. Work out which events you intend to enter. That probably includes 15-20 weekly league games in the winter season, if you are a team player, and 4 matches every month if you play in a club league.


A simple training plan with Rests
Last matches of season
<<< REST Time off. Play other sports >>>
Month 1 - Distance running plus squash drills
Month 2 - Sprint running and court sprints plus squash games
Month 3 - Match practice
Now you are ready. Well, almost.

Squash Season
Most keen players play 12 months a year.

Resting is Important
Although severe workouts are necessary to get to the top, rest is equally important, but is all too often missing from a potentially great athlete's schedule.

Attuned to the idea that high-level workouts produce winning performances, the majority of athletes go overboard, pushing themselves to the brink of fatigue and overtraining. Top athletes have learned that optimal training involves exercising and resting; it's not possible to reach supreme performance levels unless fierce exertions are balanced with restoration and recovery.

Even the seemingly fatigue-proof Kenyan runners take two-month respites each year during which they do very little training. As they put it so simply: "Our bodies need to take a rest, so that we can train hard the rest of the year". All competitive athletes should have at least one annual six- to eight-week period in which very little training is done, and should avoid the temptation to carry out too many high-intensity workouts during the training year.