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How do I cope with someone who 'blasts' me off the court?  Read Tim Garner's advice.


If you know you are going to play them in say a club tournament try and get in some matches with other similar style opponents to get used to the pace of the ball.
When you do step on court with them try to keep playing your game and not theirs and don't get sucked into playing their power game. Try and control the rallies as much as possible and let them do all the hard work by giving them little pace to work with. Keep the ball as straight as possible as swinging a racket at a ball that is tight against the wall is both daunting and potentially expensive!!

PS Derek says: You often find that if you can extend the rallies, the power player will gradually run out of steam. Let him make the pace and tire but don't allow him to rest. Keep the ball in play. Once they lose some pace you can begin to mix up the play but still extend the rallies. Always play for the match not just one point or even one game. Once you start to move your opponent, the power will gradually fade.