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Following on from Peter's blog post I just wanted to elaborate my own thoughts on the topic. Both Peter and I discussed the way all the legends played and we got quite excited as we spoke. It led us back to the discussion about how we think people should be coached and the importance of individuality and expression on the squash court.

I believe that many coaches coaches are guilty of trying to get their players to play a certain way, or in a certain style. The Legends event in Aberdeen highlighted the fact that you had 6 former World Number 1's, all with completely different body shapes, mindsets and personalities, yet every single one of them managed to get to the very top of the game by doing things their own way. They all use different techniques and different styles that played to their own strengths.

I'm a firm believer that a solid technique is essential to playing great squash but I don't believe we are looking to create robots. As long as the fundamentals can be put in place early on, then players should be encouraged to hit the ball as they want to and play in the style that they want to play.

In watching those 6 guys all play squash completely differently and make it to the top of the game, there is hope for everyone looking to improve in this sport because there really is no one way to play. Now you just need to work out exactly how YOU want to do it...

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