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I keep losing to a player who plays a lob & drop game. I either lose points quickly finding myself in the back corners or get frustrated and make mistakes. I feel I'm a better player but always end up being beaten!?

Read Tim Garner's advice.


Try to change your tactics to reflect their game style. If the ball goes high, the easiest thing to do is hit down on the ball which just perpetuates the cycle of you being under pressure and stuck in the back corners. Try to hit high on the front wall off a lob to regain T position and force your opponent into the back corners themselves. From there, the whole game will change and you can exert some control over your opponent. Patience is the key as it will not always work but once you succeed, watch the points come quickly and your frustration turn to enjoyment.

Derek says: You'll need to learn to volley the lobs, or deal with shots played to the back corners. Always play the shot upwards and FIRMLY. Playing another lob off a soft lob is very difficult. As Tim says, you are trying to take the pressure off yourself, give yourself time to get to the "T". Once you get your opponent away from the "T" you can begin to put pressure on him/her with attacking shots. Be patient and wait for the right opportunity.