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You are what you eat. Is there anything to avoid?



Chances are that you are aware of what is good and bad for you. Donuts? Not so good. Kale? Terrific! However, with our modern on-the-go lifestyles, we often grab something we think is a smart snack, which may have some impairing ingredients. In order to perform your best on court, which most likely will be near the end of your day, it is essential to feed your body correctly during the day resulting in a stable amount of energy for your match or training session.
2 major energy crashers are SUGAR and CAFFEINE. So this week, try doing everything in your power to cut out foods and drinks that bring your energy levels down. This includes:

Sugared cereals/oatmeal
Granola Bars
Protein Bars (unless listed as having a low amount of sugar)
Chocolate Bars
All sweet baked goods
Any desserts
Energy/Sports Drinks Soda Fruit Juices (replace with a piece of fruit) Coffee/Tea

If you're like me, you have a sweet tooth, and desire something especially in the afternoon. So the key here is to use all your willpower to have nothing sugar laden during the day, but allow yourself something in the evening (after you've played or trained and are finished with your day) - 3-4 squares of good quality chocolate does the trick for me.

If you drink coffee on a daily basis, it will be really hard to cut this out cold turkey and will cause some difficult side effects. If you are not ready for this, simply keep it to 1 cup a day. Make sure in this 'trial' week not to have any caffeine however in the afternoon - if you really 'need' a pick me up, choose green tea or perhaps an herbal tea. You can do it.

I can 100% promise you that your energy levels will be higher by your pm match/training session if you can adhere to this. Not only will you start stronger, but you will sustain a greater level of energy throughout your session. So come on, give it a go, you have nothing to lose other than a bit of belly fat this week!!!
With thanks to www.squashskills.com