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Keep it simple when counter dropping
Turn defence into attack

Counter Drop
The counter drop can be a really effective way of turning defence into attack. It's best used when you have the opportunity to get on the ball as quick as possible and take the ball out in front of you. This means that you want to shorten your swing and really try to use your movement to push up the court.

If you are doing it correctly you won't want to be worrying about showing your opponent that you have the option to play another shot, you will be simply trying to get on the ball early and use your touch to leave the ball as far up the court as possible.

Backhand Counter Drop
I always found this side easier, both in terms of movement into the shot and also ability to control the ball. My biggest reservation sometimes was getting too close to the ball on the backhand and then potentially causing a let/stoke situation. I'd then work on really reaching out in front to hit the counter drop, trying to maintain a strong physical position. Not easy but certainly worth working at so you can achieve a quality shot under the most extreme pressures in a game scenario.

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