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I've put the work in but yet to achieve the results I expect so far this season?

Read Tim Garner's advice.


It's hard to take when you're hitting the ball well, moving fluidly and also fit and strong but not managing to convert into winning matches. Try not to get upset or uptight in this situation, the work and your improvement will start to show but you have to allow it to happen in time. I've had many occasion where heading into a season I'm playing the best squash of my life and then lose in the first two events to players I was beating comfortably before. Match play is a the culmination of all the individual work you've done and you will notice the difference, just be patient and keep working on the right areas.

Derek says: Get someone you respect to watch you play. Ask him to be critical but also to describe what you do well. Do you need to simplify your game or vary your play more? Each opponent is a new challenge but good tight play to the back corners always presents attacking opportunities.

Match Practice: To improve match play, you need match practice. Play in your club box league and Annual Championships. Play for the club teams. Play for your County. Play in Open or Graded Tournaments. Make sure you have some goals every season.