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Need some help with your swing? Looking for some tips to help you get one over your mates on court?

It's near the end of the season,
Should I be looking to make changes in my game right now?

This is a perfect time to try out changes in your game. With most competitive squash over for the season, start looking at major changes that need to be made in order to improve. I would use this time to adapt my swing, learn new movement techniques, play a different style of game, etc. Then I'd have a break and rest, only to come back with some of the changes already part of my game. I always find taking time off and then trying to get started again alongside making changes can be tough on the confidence and effect my game adversely.

Derek Says
It's hard to know what to change, let alone when. Take advice wherever you can find it. Sometimes it is contradictory. If you can't decide what is best, either go to a coach or experiment. Measure yourself against one or two players about your own standard, but do this over a long period. Winning once is not enough. Make small but sound improvements and build on this.

End of season - when is that?