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Summer Squash
Paying attention to where your length is bouncing


Hopefully everyone is enjoying a fine summer and warm temperatures. With the warm weather comes warm courts and bouncier balls. The ball becomes more difficult to control with the increase in energy within it and as such it becomes more difficult to hit a good length. Try and pay close attention to where the ball is bouncing and what it's doing off the back wall? is it sitting up and bouncing up or is it going away from your opponent, dipping and dying in the back corner.

If you get the chance, put targets down in the back corner and see if you can get the second bounce fading away and dipping into the target. If you manage to get that happening consistently during your game play you will be in a good position.

Derek says: If you hit the ball too hard in this hot weather, it makes it easier for your opponent to get the ball. Instead look for more accuracy and length. Rod Laver, a great tennis player, said "you can afford to lose 25% power for more accuracy".

with thanks to Squashskills.com

Derek Thorpe