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Squash Ghosting and Time Management - The Millman Experience
Think ahead!


The best in all sports make their sport look easy. How?

Learn the basics: striking the ball, movement & fitness, simple tactics

What next? Watch better players, not the best. Walk - jog - run. What do they do that you are not. Experiment and perfect your ideas, perhaps for a few points, later a game. Once learnt, you will be able to maintain a decent game, while attempting different tactics at different stages of the game.

As Richard Millman implies, if you can understand what your opponent is doing and can begin to see patterns, you can anticipate his shots. While you move further up the court and aim yourself towards the "T", watch with mind and eye, where the ball will go, before and while he strikes the ball. Richard Millman says use your racket prep to guide your footwork into and out of your next shot.

Watch Richard's video in warm climate Georgia USA HERE

With thanks to The Millman Experience

Derek Thorpe says "Keep a simple game strategy at the back of your mind"