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Never keep a good man down

Come on let's hear how you keep your squash & fitness going !!!
Let me know and I'll publish the best ones.

Roger decided he wants to keep his squash going, and in the vein of the best advice from Jonah Barrington, "Train on court".

Turn the sound ON:

Click HERE to watch Roger

As all squash courts are closed, my advice is use a room, say the bathroom, as your court. Even if the floor isn't even, the walls usually are. Practice those volleys. Here Roger takes it to a new level. He built a Casita in the garage, and practises there (while his wife was away). Now he has moved house, he practices in the lounge!

IDEAS WANTED for Home Training
What do you do to keep your game up to the mark? email me Coach@squash-coach.co.uk


The best in all sports make their sport look easy. How?

Learn the basics: striking the ball, movement & fitness, simple tactics

What next? Watch better players, not the best. Walk - jog - run. What do they do that you are not. Experiment and perfect your ideas, perhaps for a few points, later a game. Once learnt, you will be able to maintain a decent game, while attempting different tactics at different stages of the game.

If you can understand what your opponent is doing and can begin to see patterns, you can anticipate his shots. While you move further up the court and aim yourself towards the "T", watch with mind and eye, where the ball will go, before and while he strikes the ball.



Derek Thorpe says "Keep a simple game strategy at the back of your mind"